Fliss Freeborn

I am a freelance food writer who takes recipes and forces them to do things against their will. My food blog, Student Cuisine for the Gloomy Teen, specialises in cheap yet luxurious meals, with all ingredients locally sourced from hand-picked budget German supermarkets. I enjoy cooking outdoors in the Scottish Highlands using wild ingredients where I can, but I'm equally happy eating primula cream cheese in a park in Glasgow accompanied by some pals and a few tinnies. I am incredibly daft and don't know right from left but can make something out of nothing, which I think is more important.

Special subjects

- Budget cookery - Wild seafood foraging - Vegetarian/Veganising recipes - Being a silly goose

Languages spoken

English with a smattering of Scots

Regular work

- UKH columnist (outdoor food writing) - BBC R4 Kitchen Cabinet panellist - Delish Mag contributor - APL freelance features writer - Washing up in a care home because this is not enough to support my expensive butter habit

Advisory boards / Awards

Fortnum and Mason Cookery Writer of the Year Award 2023 for work on my blog

Commercial interests

Neoliberalist capitalism is a plague upon this earth but if I had to sell my soul for money it'd be for small, ethical food producers.

Fliss Freeborn