Amber Guinness

I was born in London but grew up in Tuscany. I studied history and Italian literature at the University of Edinburgh, working as a cook in both London and Italy in my spare time. I later worked for The River Cafe in London, first as a waitress and then briefly in the kitchen. In 2014, I co-founded The Arniano Painting School, a residential painting holiday in Italy where I cook lunch and dinner for guests in between their outdoor painting classes. After many years of guests asking me for recipes, I met a photographer who pitched the idea of a cookbook about Arniano to Thames & Hudson. They commissioned my first cookbook, A House Party in Tuscany, which was published in March 2022. I have now just handed in the manuscript for my second cookbook with them, Italian Coastal: Recipes and stories from Tuscany to Sicily (due to be published in April 2024), and am in the early stages for a third book. Since publishing my first book, I have become more active in the food world, appearing on Times Radio as a food writer and being a panellist at the Women in Food conference organised by the Italian newspaper Corriera della Serra.

Special subjects

Italy Italian food Pasta Home cooking Entertaining Hosting Cooking for groups of 12-20 people

Languages spoken

English Italian

Regular work

Director of The Arniano Painting School Author with Thames & Hudson Reviewer for Tatler Travel Guide focussing on Italy

Amber Guinness