Sunia Imran

I specialise in developing mouthwatering recipes and crafting engaging recipe videos across diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Through collaborations with numerous brands, I've created bespoke recipes tailored to their products, showcasing my creativity and culinary expertise. Now, I'm excited to broaden my horizons by venturing into the realm of food writing and embarking on the journey of launching my own cookbook.

Special subjects

Culinary Expertise: I specialise in creating recipes inspired by Pakistani and Mediterranean cuisines, infusing traditional flavours with innovative twists. My culinary creations are influenced by the diverse culinary landscapes that inspire me. Recipe Development Techniques: I excel in independently creating, recording, editing, recipe writing and posting across various social media platforms. My hands-on approach ensures a seamless process from conceptualisation to publication, allowing me to maintain creative control and deliver high-quality content to my audience Culinary Journey and Family Traditions: My culinary journey spans over 25 years, deeply influenced by the treasured recipes handed down through generations in my family. These recipes, lovingly preserved by my grandmother, are the heart and soul of my cooking. They inspire me to infuse each dish I create with tradition, flavour, and a touch of nostalgia.

Languages spoken


Regular work

In my regular work, I balance my role as a senior delivery manager working for GOV.UK with my passion for food and recipe development. I dedicate time to crafting new recipes, creating engaging content for my social media platforms, and collaborating with brands to showcase their products. Additionally, I actively engage with my audience and stay abreast of industry trends, ensuring that my content remains relevant and inspiring.

Commercial interests

Food Writing: When it comes to food writing, I've always felt like words were my secret ingredient. I can't wait to sprinkle a little storytelling magic into everything I write, whisking readers away on delicious adventures. Whether I'm unraveling the stories behind cherished recipes or diving deep into the vibrant tapestry of food culture, my aim is simple: to invite you into my kitchen and share the joy of culinary exploration together. Book Launch: The idea of launching my own cookbook feels like a dream come true. It's not just about recipes—it's about sharing a piece of myself with the world and leaving a lasting legacy in the kitchen. Cooking Classes and Workshops: I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and share the magic of cooking with others in person. There's something incredibly special about seeing someone's eyes light up when they master a new dish or technique—it's pure joy for both of us. Cookery Show: Hosting my own cookery show is something I've always imagined. I can already picture myself sharing tips, tricks, and recipes with viewers, all while spreading my passion for food far and wide.

Sunia Imran