Ruth Nieman

I am a passionate foodie, I spend my time between Israel and London, writing, photographing and eating great food. Inspired from working in kibbutz kitchens in northern Israel over 30 years ago, I returned to London to complete a Diploma in Food and Wine at Leith's Cookery School, with the sole aim of setting up a catering company providing fresh, exciting food, influenced by my travels. Israel Good Food Guide followed, showcasing the very best of Israel’s cuisine, through write-ups and food news from Tel Aviv to the Galilee and always accompanied by beautiful photographs, snapped along the way. I am a foodie with a distinction, having gained a Diploma in Food Journalism in 2016, which propelled me into the professional world of food writing, self-publishing and my first cookbook, The Galilean Kitchen. Freekeh Wild Wheat & Ancient Grains, recently published by Prospect Books, takes the reader on an historical, biblical and cultural journey of the heirloom grains from hunter-gathering communities of the pre farming era, bringing the lost crops and forgotten staples of our ancestors to the forefront of the modern diet. My food meanderings in both Israel and London are never far away from an Instagram picture, where you can follow my culinary expeditions.

Special subjects

Middle Eastern cuisine and Jewish and Arab influences on the food of Israel

Languages spoken

Modern Hebrew (Ivrit)

Regular work

Author Talks on the food and indigenous ingredients of the Galilean cuisine. Cookery Demonstrations

Advisory boards / Awards

Freekeh, Wild Wheat and Ancient Grains was amongst the shortlisted cookbooks for teh Andre Simon Awards 2021. The Galilean Kitchen won the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2018 in the categories of Culinary Travel for Israel and Cookbook for Peace.

Commercial interests

Flavoured Books

Ruth Nieman