Luca’s Italy Podcast

In December of last year Guild member Luca Marchiori launched a podcast serving up a weekly slice of Italian food culture and history. ‘We are now on Episode 6 and I am really delighted with the response. So far, it has consistently placed within the top 25% on my podcast host’s statistics, it currently has a five-star rating on the Apple iTunes store and has had some great reviews.

‘Every episode tells the story of a famous Italian dish or ingredient from its origins to the current day. So far, there are episodes on Panettone, Coffee, Baccalà, Pizza Margherita, the festival of La Befana, and the latest: tiramisù. Upcoming episodes will feature interviews with Italians including restaurateurs and chefs.’

Luca’s Italy Podcast is available on all major podcast providers including Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon. For more details visit: