Bella Gonshorovitz

Author of ‘Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear – From seed to style the sustainable way’ published by DK/Penguin Random House this month. Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear is a practical, holistic, and fully illustrated guide to a more sustainable way of living. Created in response to the climate emergency, the book is designed as a miniature circular economy cycle, with vegan recipes bridging between the gardening and the craft pages. The book aims to connect us that back to the notion that all we consume, eat and wear comes from nature. More info here:

Special subjects

Vegan cooking. Fusion Middle Eastern cooking. Creating natural dye from food scraps. Connecting the dots between food and other aspects of life style and consumption in the context of the climate emergency.

Languages spoken

English and Hebrew.

Regular work

I work as a designer, writer and fabric work collaborator. With the publication of the book, I’m also offering different workshop for readers who want to have more guidance or want to practice the Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear experience within a group.

Advisory boards / Awards

Kering Sustainabilty Awards finalist. Art and Fashion in Bilbao Guggenheim museum award.

Commercial interests

Magazine features, collaborations, workshops, consultancy work.

Bella Gonshorovitz