Dina Macki

Hello! I begun branching into the F&B industry around the end of 2019. Coming from a background in fashion and international relations, I had no clue how to go about this new career path so I began content creating on Instagram as a means of creating a community, learning from others and most importantly showcasing food from my heritage. My family are originally from Oman & Zanzibar (with Iranian influence), two small countries that not many people really know. Although Middle Eastern food in the last couple of years has boomed in the UK, Oman in fact has a very different type of cuisine to the more culinary famous countries in the region. So I took it upon myself to begin learning our history, educating myself on traditional dishes and sharing it with the world. I now work with brands such as Tescos, Middle East Eye, Refinery29, Waitrose, Cuisinart and more to showcase aspects of my cuisine as well dishes that reflect my UK upbringing and knowledge of the Middle East and East Africa. I write, present, content create and develop. I've written for gal-dem and Whetstone magazine with articles that unpack the history of Oman, (I love food anthropology)! I am now in the midst of writing my first cookbook and the first Omani cookbook, which I can't wait to share with you all!

Special subjects

Middle Eastern Food, East African Food, Oman, Zanzibar

Languages spoken

English - Native / Swahili - Fluent / Arabic - Reading Advanced, Speaking Beginners

Regular work

Content creations Recipe writing Personals Essay/Food Writing

Advisory boards / Awards


Commercial interests

Food Production of Middle Eastern Food

Dina Macki