Christie Dietz

Christie Dietz is a freelance writer from London who moved to Germany in 2010. Her writing largely focuses on food and culinary travel in Germany and its neighbouring German-speaking countries. Christie is a regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller and Traveller Food UK magazines, has had her work published in National Geographic Traveler US and National Geographic Traveller India, and has also written for publications including Pit magazine, Food and Travel (UK), The Guardian, Time Out, The Spruce Eats, EATEN and the in-flight magazines of Singapore Airlines and Air Canada. She has updated chapters in two editions of Fodor's Germany guide (2016, 2019) and also contributed to Europe's Best Bakeries by Sarah Guy (September Publishing, 2019). Christie's website, A Sausage Has Two, is the only Germany-based English language blog focusing on German regional food and travel. In January 2022, she launched a newsletter, Germany Travel Picks, which focuses on sustainable travel tips, destination ideas and hotel recommendations (and much more!) in Germany. Christie is a passionate supporter of family-run and independent businesses and producers, is obsessive about learning about regional ingredients, products and culinary traditions, and keenly promotes sustainable and responsible travel. She also works as a copywriter for tourism and hospitality brands and businesses.

Special subjects

Food and travel, Germany, German food, German travel, seasonal ingredients, seasonal eating, sustainability, German wine, culinary travel, food travel.

Languages spoken

English (native), German (advanced) French (once fluent, now very basic).

Regular work

I contribute a regular feature, Recipe Journal, to National Geographic Traveller Food magazine.

Advisory boards / Awards

International Coordinator for the Guild of Food Writers. 2019 IACP award winner (culinary travel writing category). Shortlisted for the 2016 YBFs Fresh Voices in Food Writing award.

Christie Dietz