Heather Brown

In the last 20 years, Heather has run successful baking and catering businesses, organised and styled large events, created food products to sell online, worked in and with cafes, created delicious looking food for photo shoots, edited and run a successful, large, local food blog and social media pages, built websites for brands and created recipes for brands and magazines.

Special subjects

Coupled with her BSc computing degree from Bath University and after helping a number of businesses and non-profits build their websites, Heather is also skilled at creating simple websites or troubleshooting existing Wix or Wordpress websites. Heather is able to help brands get online quickly and easily and is currently a Special Officer for the Guild of Food Writers, primarily helping them to look after their website.

Regular work

Heather has taken all the experience in the food and drink industry and now helps business create tasty content; be that through creating food 'props' for photoshoots, recipe creation for food brands, regular writer for local magazines and taking product and lifestyle food photographs.

Advisory boards / Awards

Three images shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award (2018, 2022 & 2023). One of those images is currently part of a British Airways showreel running on their Long Haul flights as part of the Entertainment package.

Commercial interests

Heather has recently become a Co-Owner of the Book & Bucket Cheese Company, a business she has worked with for a number of years already. Heather is excited for all the wonderful things on the horizon with this award winning British Cheese Business. Heather is also a part time Operations Manager for a brilliant UK Charity, which puts to good use all her many organisational skills and her love for Administration and systems.

Heather Brown