Kirsten Chick

Author of Nutrition Brought to Life, I've been a nutritional therapist for 17 years, have taught nutrition for 15 years, and have been writing about nutrition throughout that whole time. I also co-present North & Chick, a podcast about food, community and wellbeing - with holistic chef and food educator Hayley North, plus guests who nourish their community in some way. I have run many cookery workshops, nutrition workshops and retreats in the past, and still run regular nutrition workshops and courses online. I write all of the content for these myself, and have also written content for the nutrition, holistic living and pathophysiology modules I teach to degree students at East Sussex College. For a number of years I was a Nutrition Consultant for Nutrigold Ltd, which involved writing and presenting regular nutrition webinars, writing blogs and copy for their printed magazine, and writing content for educational courses, such as their fertility and pregnancy course and Nutriton Advisor qualification. I have written articles and blogs for numerous local, regional and national magazines.

Special subjects

Menopause Nutrition; Nutrition for People Living with Cancer; Healthy recipes; Mindful eating; All nutrition and health-related matters e.g: immune system; digestive health; the microbiome; adrenal support; general hormone balancing; fertility; bone and joint issues; skin health; brain and cognitive health; heart and cardiovascular health; allergies; gluten-free diets; anti-inflammatory diets; FODMAP diets; low histamine diets

Languages spoken

English; very rusty French and German

Regular work

Writing and delivering nutrition workshops and courses for East Sussex College, British Society for Integrative Oncology, Evolution Arts and my own company; Writing copy for Title Sussex (e.g. the Ask Kirsten feature) and Silver magazine; Nutrition and recipe blogs and articles; Nutrition consultations

Advisory boards / Awards

Medical Supporter for Yes to Life Former member of Steering Committee for the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

Kirsten Chick