2019 Bursary Award Update: The Culture and Cuisine of New Mexico

Moises Gonzáles gathers salt from flats in central New Mexico, just as his family has done for many generations
Photographer: Joel Wigelsworth WebsiteInstagram


In 2019 Guild member Adrienne Katz Kennedy was one of two members awarded a bursary from the Guild’s Fellowship Fund under what is now know as the Futures Fund Scheme. Adrienne has updated us on her work:

Though 2020 obviously didn’t go as expected, thanks to the support of the Guild through this award and the power of Zoom I have been able to carry on with my research on the cuisines and cultures of New Mexico. New Mexican history and American history are steeped in indigenous history. My intention within this work has been to centre Native American voices, perspectives, culinary practices in order to better understand and illuminate the depth, overlap, and blending of identities and traditions that make up the New Mexican identity and experience (and of course, the food!). I am grateful to those whose stories you will find within the pieces below for trusting me with their experiences and knowledge and to Joel Wigelsworth for his photography and collaboration. I hope this is just the beginning of more work of this kind. I am very happy to answer any questions directly or discuss this work further should anyone wish. Thank you to the Guild for helping to support this work!

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