The Great Cookbook Challenge

The Great Cookbook Challenge is a cooking competition like no other: one of the biggest publishers in the UK is embarking on an unprecedented nationwide search to find the next best-selling cookbook author, offering ONE unknown cook a publishing deal that could change their life forever.

Penguin Michael Joseph is pulling on the might of their publishing experience to discover untapped new talent to whom to offer this first-of-its-kind prize, and has teamed up with the country’s most successful cookbook author, Jamie Oliver, to offer the cooks insight and advice from his own experience to help them achieve their potential

Head judge, Louise Moore, MD of Penguin Michael Joseph, will have the ultimate decision on which cook to invest in and offer a publishing deal to. To make her decision, she’s teamed up with Evening Standard restaurant critic, Jimi Famurewa, and award-winning recipe writer, author and Guild member, Georgina Hayden to whittle down the contestants week by week.